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General Terms and Conditions

GO 4 FISHING web site, owned by FISHING ADVENTURE, Spira Puovica 1/1D,21220 Trogir VAT No.89932626632 stands beside every displayed visual and written data for all tours, trips and boat rental available at
These General terms and conditions (further just General Conditions) apply to all services directly made available on-line or by email or by telephone, booked and arranged by .
By accessing, browsing and using the GO 4 FISHING web site and/or by completing a reservation, the Client acknowledges and agrees to have read, understood and agreed to the General Conditions set out below, also including the Privacy statement.
Everything stated in the General Conditions, in the Reservation confirmation and Voucher becomes a legal obligation for both the Client and the FISHING ADVENTURE. The General Conditions represent the basis for settlement of any possible dispute that may arise between the Client and the FISHING ADVENTURE.
The Client is advised to read the General Conditions carefully prior to any advance payment and is obligated to provide any information which is required for the reservation process.

1. Copyright Protection

This web site is owned and operated by FISHING ADVENTURE charter. All its contents, including, but not limited to, text, databases, photos, graphics and all HTML and other codes and scripts in any format used to implement the web site, are protected by the Copyright law (N.N. 167/03, 79/07, 80/11, 144/12). You may not copy, modify, (re)publish, transmit, create derivative works, or in any way exploit, any of the content, in whole or in part except as expressly permitted by these General Conditions. You may download information from the site for your own personal use only. Using the data for other purposes, as well as copying and distributing data without authorization is against the Copyright law and subject to sanctions.
© Copyright 2022– GO4FISHING, All Rights Reserved

2. Accuracy of Information and Service Categorization

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the contents of this web site which have been expressed in good faith.
FISHING ADVENTURE provides fishing trips and boat services.The boat type is clearly stated in each charter name as well as in the description.

3. Booking Inquiries

Booking inquiries and reservations can be made by e-mail or by telephone. Each on-line request must contain specific information on which basis the FISHING ADVENTURE will create an offer (personal details, number of people, e mail address, preferred fishing trip and boat and any other special requirements.
If the Client needs help in finding the boat charter that meets his requirements, he/she can ask for assistance directly at The Client can also contact the FISHING ADVENTURE by phone but the final request must be sent by e-mail. Once chosen the preferred fishing trip and charter boat, the Client can make an official request for the reservation.

4. Price, Reservation and Payment

ALL PRICES shown on the web site are published in currency of Euro. The FISHING ADVENTURE reserves the right to change the advertised prices at any time, while for those clients who had already paid for booked services the price will remain unchanged, as per Voucher. The FISHING ADVENTURE also reserves the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices.
If the changes occurred before the Client has paid the advance payment, the FISHING ADVENTURE is required to inform the Client about the price increase. In such case, the Client reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the increase of the agreed price is more than 10%.

The RESERVATION is confirmed when the Client has paid the deposit of 20% of the total price.The advance payment can be made by bank transfer or in cash within 5 working days after receiving the Reservation confirmation followed by the pre-invoice with the exact amount to be paid as well as the bank information and account number. Bank charges are paid by the Client. Upon receipt of the deposit payment, the FISHING ADVENTURE will issue a Voucher to complete the booking.

The remaining amount can be paid in the following ways:
– in cash, directly to the charter owner or captain prior to the departure

5. Fishing adventure Obligations

Travel agency is obligated to carefully select service providers and to ensure service delivery within the meaning of the information published on its website and in its other promotional materials that are valid on the date of reservation from the side of the Client as well as in terms of information about the date and type of services provided on booking voucher, except if the non-service is caused by higher force, for example: illness or death of service provider or his/her closest family, exceptional circumstances which cannot be predicted or removed (such as earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts, wars, sanitary problems, strikes, terrorist actions, etc.)
The FISHING ADVENTURE must also take concern over the the rights and interests of the Client in accordance with good practice in tourism.

6. Client’s Obligations

The Client is under obligation to:
– possess valid travel documents
– obey with the customs and currency regulations and laws of the Republic of Croatia as well as with those of the transit countries during the journey;
– check whether he/she needs a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia or transit countries. The Travel agency cannot provide service of obtaining a visa for the client, and reserves the right to keep the amount paid if the client could not enter the Republic of Croatia because the necessary documents were not obtained by the client;
– pay the unsettled amount on the day of fishing trip directly to the charter owner or captain.
– present the voucher, in which the correct number of persons and type of services to be provided are stated, to the service provider.
– notify the FISHING ADVENTURE of all the relevant facts that can affect the Client’s stay at the reserved boat unit (e. g. allergies and illness of the client, physical or fisicall disability of the client.

7. Fishing adventure Right to Changes and Cancellations

Travel agency reserves the right to make changes of reservations in case of exceptional circumstances which cannot be foreseen, avoided or eliminated. If there is no appropriate alternative, available the FISHING ADVENTURE will give a full refund of the paid amount.
In case of cancellation of the reservation from the FISHING ADVENTURE, the Client does not have the right to demand any indemnification of damage beside a full refund of the paid amount.
The FISHING ADVENTURE is not taking the responsibility for eventual climatic conditions and weather forecast.

8. Client´s Right to Changes and Cancellations

Any cancellation or amendment request must be made in writing, by email, fax or post, and will take effect on the day it is received, depending on working hours of the FISHING ADVENTURE. In the case the request is received outside of working hours, it will be taken into account the next business day of the FISHING ADVENTURE.
Changes can refer to the number of people or the names of the people, the date of the beginning and/or end date of the service and must be made no later than 45 days prior the beginning date of the service in question. If request to change the reservation is made less than 45 days prior the arrival date, whilst we will try to assist, the FISHING ADVENTURE cannot guarantee that such requests will be met.
In case the changes to the booking are not possible and therefore the Client cancels the reservation, the under mentioned cancellation fees are applied.

In the event the Client wishes to cancel the Reservation, based on the date of receipt of the cancellation request the following CANCELLATION FEES will be applied:
– For reservations canceled less than 14 days prior to the date of arrival, the FISHING ADVENTURE will keep deposit payment (20% of the total fishing trip price) to cover administration costs and compensate the eventual loss to the boat owner
– For cancellations made before 14 days prior to the date of the arrival, will return full deposit payment to the client.

9. Insurance of passengers and personal belongings

All charter boats are insured including passengers.
FISHING ADVENTURE does not hold any responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings, nor for stealing of luggage or valuable items from the boats. The report of lost, damaged or stolen goods is made by the Client to the service provider (charter owner) or to the nearest police station.

10. Jurisdiction

All contractual obligations arising out of these General Conditions shall be subject to Croatian Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in Split.

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